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Anam may refer to:
  • "Anam" - The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM)
  • "Anam" - an album by the Irish band, "Clannad".
  • Anam Station on the Seoul Metropolitan Subway, serving Korea University
  • "Anam" - ANAM Holistic Center in Ireland run by Joe Mullally specializing in Celtic Shamanism, tantra and land dowsing.
  • "Anam" - the Irish word for "essense' or 'spirit'
  • "Anam" - Turkana word for large water mass (Lake or Sea).
  • "Anam" - Name of a former territory in central Vietnam with the capital city Hué.
  • "Anam" - A female name.
  • "Anam" - Afghani for "clouds"
  • "Anam" - Arabic for "gift from god"
  • "Anam" - Gaelic for "life" or "soul"
  • "Anam" - Indian for "blessing"
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